Here are some of our local businesses, that we have helped get customers back by giving them a safer place to come.

Back to Business - Tracy's Barber Shop, Aughrim, Wicklow

This business is protected with Anti-microbial COPPERCOVID film!

The Anti-microbial copper layer efficiently exterminates viruses and bacteria and suppresses their replication.
A protective layer of copper in the film creates a barrier that does not allow bacteria to survive or grow.
A safer environment where people gather for work, play, study, or health and well-being.
The Anti-microbial film will continually work on surfaces, this way helps you to reassure that your staff and customers are safe with this a scientifically proven, reliable, and durable product.

Anti-microbial Film material is proven to continuously kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
Suitable for cafes, restaurants, hospitals, creches, schools and universities, keypads, door handles, railings, shopping trolleys, and more, where continuously need to kill bacteria and germs that can pose health issues.

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